Meet The Hama Events Team

We are three Italian girls with 20 years of experience in tourism, fashion, hospitality management and event organising.
Some time ago our paths crossed on Antiparos, an ancient and stunning island in the exact centre of the southern Aegean Sea. Here, united in this special place by our shared life experiences, we formed a strong bond. Together, we decided to embark on a journey of profound discovery. And this is something we want to share with you. We will guide you through the possibilities for your event. We will help you explore your hopes and dreams… and make them a reality.


An enterprising spirit with polished business and event management skills.
A show and event production director working in New York, London, Paris and Milan for some of the most important international brands such as Cartier, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta, Cristina nonetheless spends as much time as she can in Antiparos.
This deep love for the island means she has gained a true knowledge of the place, its people, its culture and its most beautiful locales. To Cristina, there is no limit to the endless possibilities and discoveries this magical place offers.


More than 20 years of hotel management excellence around the world.   With a decisive and dynamic temperament, Rossella is always able to deliver a captivating guest experience while adapting to shifting circumstances or unexpected situations. Whether it’s coordinating events in foreign countries or managing staff to improve customer satisfaction, Rossella takes it all in her stride.
When she came to Antiparos, she was struck by the island’s distinctive energy. She knew she’d stay and soon decided to express her passion for ‘Made in Italy’ by founding Sale Rosso, a restaurant offering an authentic Italian experience of the highest quality.


A wealth of experience in interior design, with immaculate attention to detail, especially for natural furnishings. A passionate lover of Greece, Michela initially worked on Mykonos where she offered various services to a demanding international clientele ranging across client transfers, accommodation allocation, event organisation and personalised tours – all delivered with constant customer assistance. Arriving on Antiparos, Michela was immediately captured by the uniqueness of the island. Shortly after, she opened a renowned Italian restaurant.